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American Materials Assembly And Design... We all know the story... America USED to be a manufacturing powerhouse but industry by industry, our manufacturing base has been eroded by foreign competition.


We believe things can still be made in the US... High-Quality at prices that can compete with imports. Take our basic restaurant tabletops... made right in Los Angeles out of material taken from deconstructed American buildings... Sold at prices even China won't touch. 


We will be rolling out items as we find them or develop them ourselves. If you have something you think fits and would like to work with us, Email Us with supporting info showing your item is truly American MAAD for our review and, if it's a match, we'd love to discuss a relationship.


Questions? We are pleased to respond.

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Newest addition... Tablets made from reclaimed Male flooring form a NC Cotton Mill... 25" x 42" just $150 http://t.co/VGf1lc90mc


Comment from a happy customer on a piece we made for his home office. "The desk turned out great! Thank you, Doug." http://t.co/Yv39EY3Als